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Learning through trial and error is too expensive, and takes too long. MeaVox is going to reduce time to launch, increase your listenership, build a sustainable podcast and all within your budget. Our instructors are seasoned and the industry’s best podcasters.

Learn from the best, and get the unfair advantage.

MeaVox – Asia’s Premier Podcast Company

We take the complications out of podcasting, so that your voice stands out from the crowd.

Our team’s guidance, training and professional services will set you up for success!

We believe…

… that diversity brings greater wisdom, compassion and peace to humanity.

We do this by helping others to speak up and share their stories, cause, wisdom, expertise and voice to the world.

We help to launch podcasts that are accessible, powerful and captures the beauty of diversity and humanity.

Getting your voice out

What We Do


Ready to launch your podcast, but not sure where to start? Or have a podcast, but not sure why the poor listenership?

We guide you throughout your podcasting journey and help you achieve your goals.


Want to improve your interviewing skills? Or refine your audio production?

Our workshops help you to develop the skills you need to create, launch and sustain your podcast show.

The MeaVox Podcast

Podcast hosts, Raven Lim & Ling Ling, will uncover strategise, tips and trends to help you launch your podcast show.

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What People Say?

I really enjoyed the workshop. The speakers were warm and welcoming. I liked that they shared their own experience about podcasting, which helps put things into context.

Liau Yun Qing, Improv Asia 

The ladies each brought their own style, perspective & expertise. The workshop definitely gave me a lot more insight on what podcasting is about. I left with loads of advice & tips. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start their own Podcast whether professionally or just as a hobby.

Charlene Joachim, CJ Party Food

Hearing their experiences and anxieties was personally most valuable to me because I realize that it’s super important to retain the initial motivation to launch and maintain a thriving podcast. Apart from that I had a fabulous time and think I came out making some great new friends.

Nisha Agrawal, AGL

Meet The Founder

Raven Lim

Raven Lim

Chief Podcast Consultant

  • Co-founded Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s first and only all-female comedy chat podcast
  • Launched Freelance Creative Exchange Podcast Show in June 2018
  • Organised the first community outreach events for podcasts in Singapore

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