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Learning through trial and error is too expensive and takes too long — achieving success is better with a teacher. Learn skills in podcast branding, conceptualisation, audio production, audio editing, podcast marketing and many more.

Podcast 101 Workshop

Curious about podcasting and where the industry is heading?

We run a 2.5 hour Podcast 101 Workshop where we talk about:

  • The Global Podcast Landscape
  • Podcast Trends in recent and coming years
  • The Podcasting Process, from pre to post production
  • Important steps to consider before starting your podcast show

We have not yet scheduled any sessions for 2019. If you wish to run this in-house. Drop us a line at anytime!

Build Your Brand,

Grow Your Business

The global listenership for podcasts monthly stands at 1.4 billion and the number is set to grow even further.

In recent months, we had also seen the rise in podcast shows globally. With increasing competition, are your podcast shows reaching your target audience?

How can you fully optimise your podcast to build your brand and grow your business?

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Podcasting for Virtual Assistants

The podcast industry is growing globally. This means we need more and more talents in supporting the growth of podcasts.

So, why not you?

As a Virtual Assistant (VA), you play an important role in supporting the creation of your podcast show. The role can range from scheduling guests, to copywriting, to social media and even audio editing! Whatever the task maybe, you’ll be immersed in a dynamic, enriching and exciting world of podcasts.

 Coming Soon! Register to receive updates.

Podcast Coaching

A podcaster faces many challenges in starting, maintaining and growing their show. You might get the wrong equipment. Or decide to change podcast structure after a few episodes. Or your recording schedule gets messy. Or even get stuck when you run out of content.

With an access of podcast information online can get overwhelming.

Our Podcast Coaching package is personalised to help you tackle your podcast goals and challenges. Our Coaching Package consists of 10 virtual coaching sessions that is scheduled at your convenient time and day.

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Why not schedule a free coaching session today!

Alone, you can fast. Together, you can go far.

~ African Proverb 

Meet Our Instructors

Raven Lim

Raven Lim

  • Co-founded Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s first and only all-female comedy chat podcast
  • Launched Freelance Creative Exchange Podcast Show in June 2018
  • Organised the first community outreach events for podcasts in Singapore
  • Launched MeaVox Podcast show in 2019
Ling Ling

Ling Ling

  • Podcast Host for Leaders of Learning, reached 100k downloads in 1 year with listeners in over 130 countries
  • Reached No1 in iTunes chart for Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Malaysia
  • Reached No 2 in iTunes chart for Singapore and The Phillippines
  • Featured on iTunes for 11 months
  • Featured on Castbox in India, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore

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